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Through special scholarships to support union leaders, college scholarships and other higher education services, AFSCME Advantage helps union members and their children attend college and build upon their education.

Gerald W. McEntee Scholarship:
     In honor of former AFSCME Pres. Jerry McEntee, this one-time $5,000 scholarship is awarded annually to an AFSCME member for use towards higher education.

AFSCME Affiliate Scholarship Programs: 
     AFSCME affiliate special scholarship programs that help members pursue job advancement education opportunities.

AFSCME Family Scholarship:
     $2,000 renewable scholarship awarded to 10 high school seniors each year.

Jerry Clark Memorial Scholarship:

     A collegiate scholarship for juniors & seniors with a major in social science.

Jerry Wurf Memorial Fund:
     Three scholarships for a six week Harvard Trade Union Program for full time AFSCME staff or an elected position AFSCME member.

Union Plus Scholarship:
     Annual award to AFSCME members and their families.

William Lucy Labor Scholarship Fund:
     Harvard Trade Union Program for a rank and file AFSCME leader.

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