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You want to get more involved? Volunteer? Become a Union steward? Or have an idea to improve our union? Use our contact form to get in touch.


If have an opinion about your workplace or union-related issues, we want to hear from you! 


You're also welcome to reach out to any of our Stewards or Executive Board members, listed below.   

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AFSCME 2474 Executive Board

Sara Franck, Dental Assistant - President


Sean Siberio, Mental Health Professional - Vice President, professional unit 

January Evans, Certified Medical Assistant - Vice President, technical unit 

Fatemah Green, Certified Medical Assistant - Secretary

Kesley De Marasi, Speech-Language Pathologist - Assistant Secretary

Rhonda Samborski, Certified Medical Assistant - Treasurer

Kimberly Mcneil, Certified Medical Assistant - Member at Large

Shawn Clifford, Dental Assistant - Member at Large

Collette Weilert, Coding Specialist II - Member at Large

AFSCME 2474 Stewards


Aminah Jabbar - Certified Medical Assistant *Chief Steward*   
Rhonda Samborski - Certified Medical assistant
Demitris Lynch-Jones - Certified Medical Assistant         
Nathan Paulsen - Mental Health Worker         
January Evans - Certified Medical Assistant           
Fatemah Green – Certified Medical Assistant          
Kimberly Mcneil – Certified Medical Assistant        
Sean Siberio - Mental Health Professional  

Cassondra Jones - Mental Health Worker

Tim Sule - Mental Health Worker            
Paula Brown - Community Health Worker Senior  
Annette Knutson - Surgical Technician
Stephanie Merritt - Certified Medical Assistant
Ellice Horshaw - Lab Assistant
Kyindra Washington - Certified Medical Assistant 
Roberta Russette - Medical Office Coordinator
Colette Weilert- Coding 
John Giser – Security Dispatcher

Tanajean Caouette - Coding Specialist

Nakia Crenstraw - Central Processing 

Melody Lampman - Radiology

AFSCME 2474 Trustees


Ellice Horshaw - Lab Assistant

Sherry Robinson - Medical Assistant

Nathan Paulsen - Mental Health Worker

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