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You want to get more involved? Volunteer? Become a Union steward? Or have an idea to improve our union? Use our contact form to get in touch.

If you're not in a position to volunteer or attend meetings, but have an opinion about your workplace or union related issues, we want to hear from you! 


You're also welcome to reach out to any of our Stewards or Executive Board members, listed below.   

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AFSCME 2474 Executive Board

Sara Franck, Dental Assistant - President


Sean Siberio, Mental Health Professional - Vice President, professional unit 


January Evans, Certified Medical Assistant - Vice President, technical unit 


Rachel Gardner, MRI Technologist II - Treasurer 

Rhonda Samborski, Certified Medical Assistant - Secretary

Mindy Forbragd, Coding Educator - Assistant Secretary

Lakesia Lewis, Medical Assistant - Member at Large

Fatemah Green, Coding Educator - Member at Large

Collette Weilert, Coding Specialist II - Member at Large

AFSCME 2474 Stewards


Aminah Jabbar - Certified Medical Assistant  *Chief Steward*   
Rhonda Samborski - Certified Medical assistant
Demitris Lynch-Jones - Certified Medical Assistant         
Nathan Paulsen - Mental Health Worker         
January Evans - Certified Medical Assistant           
Fatemah Green – Certified Mediacl Assistant          
Melinda Forbragd – Coding Educator     
Kimberly Mcneil – Certified Medical Assistant        
Sean Siberio - Mental Health Professional               
Lakesia Lewis - Certified Medical Assistant            
Paula Brown - Community Health Worker Senior  
Annette Knutson - Surgical Technician
Stephanie Merritt - Certified Medical Assistant
Lula Ali - Certified Medical Assistant
Ellice Horshaw - Lab Assistant
Dylan Rae - Protection Officer
Jojuan Harper - Mental Health Worker
Roberta Russette - Medical Office Coordinator
Evaristus Boh - Mental Health Worker
John Giser – Security Dispatcher

AFSCME 2474 Trustees


Demetris Lynch-Jones - Certified Medical Assistant, Trustee


Elijah Rose - Service Desk Specialist - Trustee

Nathan Paulsen - Mental Health Worker, Trustee

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