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Whereas Hennepin Healthcare serves a multi-racial, working-class Minnesota and employs many workers of color;    

Whereas Hennepin Healthcare has wide disparities between administrators and front line staff;


Whereas the federal government, State of Minnesota, Hennepin County, Ramsey County, City of Minneapolis and City of St. Paul - all recognize Juneteenth as a Holiday;    


Whereas Juneteenth commemorates history that matters, including the abolition of slavery and the ongoing struggle for civil rights and economic justice;    


Whereas Hennepin Healthcare is refusing to dignify its workers and the community it publicly serves by officially recognizing Juneteenth Holiday;    


We say: Time is up for Hennepin Healthcare to recognize Juneteenth Holiday.


Do the right thing, do it today.

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SIGN THE AFSCME 2474 PETITION for Juneteenth Holiday Recognition

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