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There is a place for you in AFSCME 2474   



AFSCME 2474 is a gathering place to connect, rejuvenate, and contribute. When we participate in our union, we do more than connect with community - we bring our values to life, spend meaningful time with coworkers, and contribute to positive social gains. ​

The issues we face today require us to go beyond the voting booth and engage in "everyday democracy." AFSCME 2474 is a good place to start. Your involvement not only makes a difference in our workplace, it brings needed change in the wider community. 

Here at AFSCME 2474, our local is mostly volunteer-run by coworkers, and we love to see new faces.

Even if you have little time, there's a place for everybody in our labor movement. We're powerful together.


If you want to show up to an occasional meeting, wonderful. If you want to volunteer or steward - we have something for you, and you can do as little or as much as you choose.   


The status quo wants us to feel stretched thin with competing responsibilities, overwhelmed, or helpless in the face of complicated social problems. Joining the labor movement, your participation becomes a rich source of purpose, learning, and opportunity for leadership.

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