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Sign the Petition: Tell Hennepin Healthcare CEO Jennifer DeCubellis and HR Chief Tonya Hampton it's wrong to eliminate dental insurance for Front Line workers. A fair contract means no take-aways and a wage that keeps up with the cost of living. 


AFSCME 2474 represents about 1000 workers at Hennepin Healthcare, many of whom provide direct patient care, all of whom perform labor critical for the organization to function.


AFSCME workers showed up throughout the pandemic. We've worked long hours. We've worked short staffed and under-resourced. We've worked without adequate protective equipment.


Since partially privatizing in 2007, Hennepin Healthcare administrators have seen rich salary and bonus growth, while aggressively taking away benefits and wages from Front Line workers, such as stability pay, tuition reimbursement, and step raises.


Hennepin Healthcare Executives now want to eliminate our AFSCME dental insurance, which has been in place for over 40 years. They are offering a disrespectful 1.6% annual raise, despite the cost of living rising by 7.5% in the past year.

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